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Ghostie Dollhouse Mug - 15 oz.

Ghostie Dollhouse Mug - 15 oz.

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This Ghostie Dollhouse Mug is the perfect companion for your spooky sips! This enchanting mug features a captivating black and white illustration with delightful pops of peach and blush pink, transporting you to a world of adorable hauntings.

Let's explore the intricately detailed scene on this mug, designed in the style of a dollhouse inspired by the beloved nostalgic mini dollhouse toy enjoyed by many in the 90's. The haunted house comes to life with many rooms and charming ghostly characters, each with their own unique story to tell.

As you enter the first floor, you'll witness a lively Halloween party in the main room, where ghost witches are joyfully carving pumpkins. Nearby, another friendly ghost plays with their beloved ghost dog, spreading laughter and mischief. Peek into the kitchen, and you'll find two ghosts engaged in a delightful chat, their presence adding warmth to the haunted house.

Venturing up to the second floor, a cozy ghost is nestled by the fireplace, engrossed in a captivating book. In the next room, another ghost enjoys a peaceful nap on the couch, accompanied by their ghostly feline friend. Move along to the quaint home office, where a knowledgeable ghost offers a guided tour to another curious ghost, sharing the secrets of the haunted house.

On the third floor, the scene takes a more lively turn. Two teen ghosts rock out to music in their vibrant bedroom, filling the air with haunting melodies. Just next door, a ghost indulges in a relaxing bubble bath, savoring some well-deserved tranquility. Meanwhile, in the adjacent bedroom, a tired ghost turns off the light, preparing for a restful slumber.

Outside the haunted house, a little ghost dressed as a princess carries a star wand adorned with ribbons, accompanied by their ghost guardian. The guardian, donning a superhero mask, holds the little ghost's pumpkin candy bucket, as they embark on a thrilling trick-or-treating adventure through the neighborhood.

The mug's white exterior, complemented by a black handle and interior, adds a sleek and classic touch to the overall design. Crafted with care and using high-quality materials, this mug ensures a comfortable and enjoyable sipping experience.

Whether you're savoring a hot beverage or showcasing it as a Halloween-themed décor piece, our Halloween Themed Mug is sure to bewitch everyone with its charming dollhouse-inspired illustration and delightful ghostly characters.

Capture the essence of Halloween magic and add a touch of whimsy to your day. Order this Ghostie Dollhouse Mug now and let the ghostly festivities begin with every sip!

This adorably spooky mug is 4.62" high, 3.37" wide, and is Dishwasher and Microwave Safe.