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About the Artist

Hi there, I'm Rachel Lyle! I'm a Central Illinois based digital illustrator with a special interest in the concept of functional art as a vehicle for sustainability. My preferred medium is the humble porcelain coffee mug. They're original works of art that just happen to be dishwasher safe! ❤ Regardless of the canvas, though, my aim is to elevate your everyday by creating beautiful illustrations and patterns that can be enjoyed and used over and over in daily life. No single use items or fast fashion here! Have art for breakfast as you sip your morning coffee with a custom portrait mug, and snuggle up with a cozy warm blanket donned with intricately detailed vintage carousels. My designs have brightened the homes of people all over the world, including Europe, Australia, and Japan. It's always super exciting to get a purchase from far away lands, but I remain dedicated to treating each and every order with the same enthusiasm and care as if it were my very first. I also hold a deep appreciation for those who choose to shop locally, not only for the sustainability it promotes but also for the invaluable support it provides to our communities.


Though my designed pieces have been shipped all over the world, I'm a small town girl at heart. I grew up in Long Point, Illinois, a tiny old fashioned village in the middle of the cornfields. I find a lot of inspiration from the natural world, and every design takes much longer than you might think, due to my obsession with making sure every detail that should be there, is there.

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions, I'm just an email away! Just send a message to hello@rachmariestudio.com and I'll be happy to chat.